Tax Secrets of a Real Estate Millioniare

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Dymphna Boholt’s Tax Secrets of a Real Estate Millioniare is the latest book all about taxation and real estate.

17 BIG lessons on how to maximise your income potential through real estate investing without having to spend any more money ­- a ‘must read’ for all serious real estate investors.

Simple and powerful strategies to bulletproof your real estate assets, your family and yourself from frivolous lawsuits and money hungry predators

This is a must read for all serious property investors if they want to maximise their CASH FLOW and minimise their tax.

For so many property investors their knowledge and implementation of effective tax minimisation is often an afterthought or left to their accountants. This is a sure recipe for disaster waiting to happen. Property investors are literally leaving thousands of legitimate unclaimed dollars on the table and it doesn’t have to be that way. With Dymphna Boholt’s new book, Tax Secrets of a Real Estate Millionaire, you will potentially be able to legally increase your cash flow and achieve higher returns from your portfolio without having to spend another cent.

Here is a snapshot of some Dymphna’s profit maximising ideas:

– How to turn the tax department into your investment partner.
– How to make your lifestyle tax deductible
– How to get tax deductions without actually handing over the cash
– How to create a future tax-free wealth vehicle.
– How to use tax deductions to generate real estate cash flow.
plus much more.

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