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The Ultimate Real Estate Success Coaching Program is Dymphna Boholt’s ultimate beginners guide to investing in real estate. The program covers everything from recognising your current situation, getting out of debt, setting budgets through to asset protection, taxation, types of properties to purchase, manufacturing growth, cash cows, subdividing and property development.

Dymphna is a qualified accountant and economist and shares her knowledge and first hand experiences and strategies that have taken her year to develop. Save yourself the trial and error and make sure that your investments are structured correctly from the onset to protect them from litigation and potential risks.

If you have been considering investing in real estate, or you are a current investor looking to develop a substantial portfolio, than this is the program that will help you to proceed with confidence. You don’t become a real estate millionaire overnight, however, the decision to do so can be made in a heartbeat. Dymphna Boholt shows you the path that she took and how her path has motivated others to follow a similar journey to the ultimate dream and freedom of living off passive income created through real estate.

To register your interest for the Ultimate Real Estate Success Coaching Program or to find out dates for upcoming events and introductory workshops, please contact our program coordinators:

Knowledge Source on 03 9490 8888 or email customersupport@knowledgesource.com.au


The Ultimate Real Estate Blueprint Training Module

Create Passive Income through Real Estate Cash Flow Home Self-Study Course
9 CDs and Manuals

How to Legally Reduce your Tax Without Losing Any Money Home Self-Study Course
2 CDs and Manuals

Safe as a Bomb Shelter Asset Protection Secrets Home Self-Study Course
2 CDs and Manuals

Instant Growth Real Estate Accelerator System Home Self-Study Course
4 CDs and Manuals

How to Turn Debt into Investment Dollars Home Self-Study Course
5 CDs and Manuals

Finance Secrets for Real Estate Investors Home Self-Study Course
2 CDs and Manuals

Ultimate Property Bootcamp Home Self Study Course

11 DVDs and Manuals
You’ll get a manual and 11 DVDs from my recent Ultimate Real Estate Seminar where I reveal the formula that enabled me to replace my income and cash flow success from real estate.

The Ultimate Real Estate Success 3-Day LIVE Training Events

12 Months of Weekly Coaching Webinars
Every week we have 4 webinars that cover a wide range of skills and training. Identifying hot deals. Asset protection and structures. Finance strategies and tax. All the webinars are recorded and added to the members website so you miss nothing.

Member’s Website

You’ll get instant access to a dedicated website for member’s only. All of the educational material and ongoing coaching support is conveniently located here for easy and instant access.

Ultimate Real Estate Success Feasibility Software

The proprietary software will walk you through every aspect of a potential real estate deal to determine whether its going to be profitable or not.

Access to our Member’s Online Knowledge Bank, FAQs and Forum

Connect with other members for questions, local contacts and joint ventures. Plus all of your questions answered.

LIVE Coaching and Phone Support

Mon-Fri you’ll have access to our dedicated and highly experienced real estate savvy coaches.

NEW! I Love Real Estate Education Everywhere On-Demand App

Access all the I Love Real Estate education material regardless of where you are: in the car, at the gym, on holidays. Expect your mastery and results to accelerate when you emerge yourself in our I Love Real Estate – Education Everywhere On-Demand App.

NEW! I Love Real Estate (Members Only) Facebook Mastermind Group

Engage with and get to know the I Love Real Estate community on Facebook. Discuss issues, celebrate results, meet potential JV partners and make new friends with the I Love Real Estate Members Facebook Mastermind Group.

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Special Bonuses!

There are always several great special bonus offers when you become a member, as well as special Seminar Only offers, so contact Knowledge Source now for more information.

Knowledge Source
Ph. 03 9490 8888

“All I ask is that you pass it on; pass on your knowledge. Don’t be a stopper or a plug in the sink – let it flow. Pass it on to everybody that you know. Pass on the knowledge that you acquire through reading and learning and of life experience, and keeping the knowledge flowing”

~ Dymphna Boholt ~