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This offer is exclusive to the I Love Real Estate Events only

Begin your real estate investment journey knowing you have a strong foundation in the way of knowledge and education.  This program bundle (or variation thereof) is offered at many of Dymphna’s events. If you would like to know more about the programs, or the events contact Knowledge Source on 03 9490 8888 or customersupport@knowledgesource.com.au


Please note that this offer is subject to change and offered as a general guide only
(Contact Knowledge Source for event dates)

Ultimate Real Estate Success Coaching Program

  • Real Estate Cash Cows Home Study Course

  • Legally Reduce Your Tax Home Study Course

  • Asset Protection Home Study Course

  • Growth Accelerator Home Study Course

  • Debt into Investment Dollars Home Study Course

  • Finance Secrets For Investors Home Study Course

  • Ultimate Property Bootcamp Home Study Course

  • 12 Months Fortnightly Webinar Series

  • Facebook Group & App

  • Includes Ultimate, OPM, SMSF & I Love Rea Estate Live Ticket Events

Retire in Style – SMSF & Structures – 1 Day Event

  • This is your opportunity to learn the A-Z of how to effectively use your Self Managed Super Fund as the perfect cash cow and retirement vehicle.

PLUS! I Love Real Estate Annual 3 Day Members Event – VIP Diamond Seating

  • A smorgasbord of the latest real estate strategies

  • Economic updates and research on the Australian real estate market

  • Case studies of what’s working right now

  • This is the gala event of the year where all members come together and collaborate, network, learn the latest and greatest strategies, plus all the latest economic and property cycle research.

PLUS! 25% Club – Property Developer Intensive

  • Developer Intensive 2 Day Bootcamp

  • Hot to enter the profitable world of property developing

  • How to create wholesale property forever

  • How to fast track your real estate portfolio using the 25% principle

  • A-Z guide on property managing your developments

PLUS! Commercial Property Secrets

  • How to achieve amazing cash flow investing in commercial property 2 Day Event

Other People’s Money (OPM) – 1 Day Event

  • This event will show you how to leverage your new found knowledge and do deals regardless if you have any money, struggling with a deposit or can’t get a bank loan. You will receive all the documentation and the process to present deals that become attractive to money partners.

I Love Real Estate Education On Demand App & Member’s Only Facebook Group

You’ll be able to access all the education regardless of where you are, in the car, at the gym, on holidays – it comes with you. Expect your mastery and results to accelerate when you emerge yourself in our I Love Real Estate – education on demand app and closed member’s only Facebook group.

PLUS! Fast Profits Real Estate System

  • The Fast Profits systems and strategies that enables Ian to create $150,000 passive income in 13 months

  • How to create cash flow and growth simultaneously

  • Fast Profits 2 Day Bootcamp with Dymphna Boholt & Ian Ugarte

  • Complete DVD home study recordings & workbooks

PLUS! Extreme Income System

  • Income replacement systems and tactics for the next 12 months

  • Professional analysis on the Top 21 Resource Towns in Australia

  • Extreme Income systems 2 Day Bootcamp with Dymphna Boholt

  • Complete home study course

PLUS! Cash Flow USA Group

  • The Cash Flow USA Group and Home Study Course

  • Email support

  • Overseas research trip

  • Property management solution

  • Complete turnkey solution

Contact Knowledge Source for more information:

Knowledge Source
Ph. 03 9490 8888

“All I ask is that you pass it on; pass on your knowledge. Don’t be a stopper or a plug in the sink – let it flow. Pass it on to everybody that you know. Pass on the knowledge that you acquire through reading and learning and of life experience, and keeping the knowledge flowing”

~ Dymphna Boholt ~