Confessions of a Real Estate Millionaire

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Confessions of a Real Estate Millionaire is an amazing journey and a rollercoaster ride of real emotions. Real estate millionaires are not created equal. If making money in real estate was about strategy and tactics, surely there would be a lot more of them around? Dymphna Boholt. Not only delivers you the appropriate skills required to achieve real estate wealth and success, she goes deep into the mind, the heart and emotion that all millionaires go through.

You don’t become a real estate millionaire overnight, however, the decision to do so can be made in a heartbeat. Dymphna Boholt shows you the path that she took and how her path has motivated others to follow a similar journey to the ultimate dream and freedom and freedom of living off passive income created through real estate.

Packed with useful tips, techniques and advice, Confessions of a Real Estate Millionaire is a must read for anyone who wants to claim back their birth right and live life on their own terms. Not only will you discover a system for wealth, you will also discover how to break through your current barriers and obstacles.

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