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  • My proven formula for creating the life you want
    We, as humans, have specific abilities and traits. This isn’t meant to be a biology or psychology lesson, I mention it just to say this: We are all affected by these traits every day and you can either use them to your advantage or you let them work to your ... read more
    Source: I Love Real EstatePublished on 2017-07-25By Dymphna
  • Truth Bomb Tuesday: Train that Poodle
    If you want to change a habit, you need the right tools. So I was in this woman’s living room one time, talking about buying her house off her. It was a deal that came through a friend of a friend, and I love dealing directly with the vendor. Anyway, ... read more
    Source: I Love Real EstatePublished on 2017-07-25By Dymphna
  • [PODCAST] Curing the painful frustration of procrastination and inaction
    When I was still running my accountancy practice I used to help people work out the steps to replace their income. I got to see the personal strategies that helped people do just that… And I got to see the obstacles that held people back from achieving that. For example, ... read more
    Source: I Love Real EstatePublished on 2017-07-20By Dymphna

“A dream is something you wish for, 
a goal on the other hand, is a specific thing you have
decided to accomplish within a clearly defined time period.”

Dymphna Boholt