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  • Truth Bomb Tuesday: When stuff takes care of itself
    Humans are naturally bad at understanding probability. That gives the demons of laziness a way in. Sometimes, stuff just takes care of itself. You know, sometimes a problem will be looming. You’ll have no idea what you’re going to do about it. But then, through a confluence of factors in ... read more
    Source: I Love Real EstatePublished on 2017-09-19By Dymphna
  • When They Zig…
    Some very strange data, but it could be pointing to an amazing buying opportunity. I found this really bizarre. Apparently, confidence in the Australian property market has fallen to an all time low. (They didn’t ask me, obviously.) That’s the word from the latest Westpac Consumer survey. When asked where ... read more
    Source: I Love Real EstatePublished on 2017-09-14By Dymphna
  • Truth Bomb Tuesday: Reflections on Being Sick
    If you’re sick you should take it easy. But that doesn’t have to mean being unproductive. Seems that’s there’s a bit of a lurgy going round. It’s taken the wind out of my balloon for a bit. So I know I can over-analyse things a bit, but I’m thinking, what ... read more
    Source: I Love Real EstatePublished on 2017-09-12By Dymphna

“A dream is something you wish for, 
a goal on the other hand, is a specific thing you have
decided to accomplish within a clearly defined time period.”

Dymphna Boholt